Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Dinner with Luisa Cuozzo...Napoli's Master Chef

Luisa Cuozzo
It was hard not to root for her. Luisa Cuozzo, 23 years young, Neapolitan DOC.
Luisa made it all the way to the finals of Italy's first Master Chef Italia.  I watched nearly episode. The judges were tough...but so was Luisa.  In the end she came in second, but never stopped smiling.  Never lost her composure.  Never lost her determination to continue with her dream to share Naples and Campania on a plate. 

Journalist Laura Gambacorta,  Cuozzo, and Francesca Adelaide
 So when the opportunity came to meet Cuozzo last weekend at Quartum Store, I couldn't pass it up.  Nervous excitement was what I saw in Luisa's eyes.  Sure, she prepared dishes for the scrutiny of top chefs like Bruno Barberi, Carlo Cracco, and restaraunteer Joe Bastianich  week after week after week.  But this evening was her evening.  A chance to prepare her dinner menu, lead her team, and present herself to a sold out cellar.  Cantine Di Criscio was the host along with Casa Barone and Azienda Agricola Gentilcore Claudia.   Proud hostess Francesca Adelaide poured her familiy's wines in their new ish spectacular wine space Quartum Store.

 I only had time to try her appetizers...

Crepes filled with shriimp

Octopus on a bed of creamy potatoes

"Cuoppo" of fried anchovies

and a glass or two of Asprinio D'Aversa Spumante Brut (Metedo Martinotti)...but as sure as the smile on Cuozzo's face...I'll snatch up the opportunity to try her other dishes as well as Di Criscio's wines in the near future.

Quartum Store
via Giorgio De Falco 5/A 
Quarto (Na)
335 5479716  

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  1. Karen:

    If her food tastes as half as good as you make it look, I'll have to dine there during my next visit!