Thursday, May 31, 2012

Cake Decorating Italian Style with Pastry Chef Antonio Capuano

Antonio Capuano
You could of heard a pin drop.  The silence was sweet and totally contrasted with the traffic on the SS 265 that leads to the Dolce & Salato Cooking School in Maddaloni (Ce).  When I entered the classroom, Pastry Chef Antonio Capuano and his students were in deep concentration.  They were finishing up a two day lesson on cake decorating and it required concentration, skill...and silence.

He demonstrated frosting techniques that would could be used on wedding cakes, 1st communions, baptisms, or any formal event.

I was enthralled with their attention to detail. How each curl had to be perfect, each rose a masterpiece...

Cake decorating has become the next big thing...but it was refreshing to watch a maestro with over 30 years of experience produce works of art that were (almost) too good to eat.

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  1. Nice and innovative idea. Each rose and design is a masterpiece. Looking lovely. Thanks for sharing.
    Beverly Karshner