Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Jesce Sole - Bikini Season is Open

I remember it as if it were yesterday.  But is was several months ago.  A visit to Bikini - Il Ristorante with owner Giorgio Scarselli.  Giorgio pointed out a wood burning pizza oven in the corner. He mentioned that it hadn't been lit  in 5 years, but someday...

That someday was Sunday...April 29th.  The Scarselli family officially opened their bikini season by holding an event with about a hundred or so of their closest friends.  Appetizers prepared by resident Chef Domenico De Simone and staff.  Mozzarella and other cheeses by L'antico Caseficio Garguglio from Pimonte.

And pizza?  The star of the show?  Scarselli invited  Francesco and Salvatore Salvo straight from their pizzeria Salvo Pizzaioli da tre Generazioni in San Giorgio a Cremano.  Five pizzas in all.

margherita del vesuvio with piennolo tomatoes, fior di latte, extra virgin olive oil  from vesuvio and basil

mastunicola: sugna (fat) from the famous black pig from caserta, black pepper from rimbas, caciocavallo podalico cheese, basil and extra virgin olive oil from the sorrento coast
capricciosa: sanmarzano dop tomatoes, fior di latte, snchovies from cetara, gaeata olives, salami from agerola, marinated artichokes from castellamare, basil, and extra virgin olive oil monocultivar rontondella

marinara: miracolo di san gennaro tomatoes, sardines, extra virgin olive oil leccino dop from sorrento and basil

conciato e papaccelle: neapolitan peppers, conciato romano cheeses, fior di latte, extra virgin olive oil mono cultivar ortice

And what pairs best with a cool evening on the Sorrento Coast, appetizers and pizza?  Beer from Birrificio Sorrento and gragnano from L'Università del Regno dei Vini...

birra syrentum

vino naturale gragnano divinum 2008

Just one regret...I didn't have room for dessert!  A semifreddo made with oranges from Sorrento topped with a homemade carmel sauce.

I'll just have to go back.  Bikini season is open...

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