Monday, May 21, 2012

A Cena con i Bruciapadelle -Le Tre Arcate - Piano di Sorrento (Na)

Chefs Gramaglia and Russo
A popular trend with restaurants in the area is the Serata a 4 Mani. An evening where two chefs get together, work out a menu and share with their guests.  So when Chef Paolo Gramaglia of Ristorante Presidente in Pompei and Chef Alessandro Russo of Le Tre Arcate in Piano di Sorrento  invited me to their serata,and promised me something different, I was a little curious.  The 18th of April, I made my way to Piano di Sorrento and Le Tre Arcate in a crowded Piaza Cota.  There I bumped into the chefs serving their aperitivi on the deck.

 Fantasia di Finger Food...a colorful array of appetizers and a glass or two of Montenisa Franciacorta Docg Brut was just the thing to get the evening started.  An evening with two chefs, due amici, who I would have the pleasure of spending the next couple of hours with.  I headed inside and upstairs and joined a restaurant full of familiar faces.  Familiar smiling faces. They already knew that dinner would be more that just a few courses and dessert. I soon learned that you couldn't help but smile as the chefs and their staff presented their dishes, shared stories, sat down at the table and discussed everything under the sun.

Fuoco e Fiamme: marinated tuna (cooked with a blowtorch ) with black Hawaiian sea salt, ranetta apples, and a caviar mousse

pinot bianco 2011 Lison Pramaggiore Doc-Santa Margherita

rigatoni from Gragnano with mussels from Galizia, green chilies, and tomatoes (fresh and cooked)

cod hamburgers with potatoes

"la delizia al limone" - Luciano Russo

la pastiera (neapolitan easter pie) with nocillo

Dulcedo 2010 Lison Pramaggiore Doc - Santa Margherita

A Cena con i Bruciapadelle .  Bruciapadelle - a nickname that they gave themselves a year ago.  Pan burners is the literal translation.  Two chefs, two close friends who invited me to dinner one Friday.  But not just dinner, a chance to be share in their friendship, their passion for good food, wine, music.  They did promise something different.

And sometimes the best way to be different is to be yourself...

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