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Delectable Desserts – Dolce Mozzarella – Chef Giuseppe Daddio

Here’s a dessert by Chef Giuseppe Daddio made especially for the Festa a Vico held last week.  A dessert, starring Campania’s mozzarella, fitting since Daddio has been named the worldwide ambassador.
He was more than happy to share the recipe with me…

Chef Giuseppe Daddio

Dolce Mozzarella with Strawberries,  White Chocolate and Lime, Peach sauce, and Asprinio D’Aversa

Composition of the dessert
-          Pasta Frolla sablè
-          Tomato Marmalade
-          Cream of Mozzarella
-          Strawberry and pulp in gelatin
-          Cream of white chocolate and lime
-          Marbling
-          Decorations with Tuille and ivory chocolate chips   
-          Small strawberries of equal size

Pasta sablè di Bretagna
700 g egg yolks, 1300 g sugar, 1 stick of vanilla, 1  grated orange peel, 1400 g  butter, 16 g  salt, 2000 g  flour, 120g  yeast
Procedure::Beat the egg yolks, sugar, vanilla, and orange peel.  In the meantime, sift the flour  with the yeast and salt. When the yolks have reached a temperature of 85 degrees Celsius,  add the softened butter  and the flour.  Let it rest in the refrigerator overnight.  Roll out the dough 5 mm thick between 2 silpat/baking mats  and place in the freezer.  Cut it to the form you desire and bake in the oven at 150-160º C.  Sprinkle with dark chocolate,.

Strawberry Marmalade
2000 g fresh strawberries, 2800 g strawberry pulp, fresh thyme, 400 g brown sugar,  40 g pectin, juice of 4 lemons, 4 grated lemon peels, 3 sheets gelatin
Chocolate Tuille  
270 g sugar, 179 g soft butter, 90 g glucose, 15 g cocoa, 5 g pectin, 80g dark melted chocolate (fondente 67%), 80 g water

Mix all of the ingredients together (except the chocolate) and bring to a boil.  Add the melted chocolate.  Spread out thinly on a silpat and place in a 180°C.for about five minutes. Shape the Tuille to the form you desire while it is still flexible.              
For the plate decoration:

White Chocolate Mousse
Ingredients: 45 g sheets of gelatin, 2 vanilla sticks, 1650 g whole milk, 2100 g Ivoire white chocolate, 2250 g whipped cream
Place the gelatin in an abundant amount of water and squeeze out excess water.  Lightly scrape the vanilla sticks and boil together with the milk.  Add the gelatin and stir.  Slowly pour, a little at a time, the warm mixture onto the finely sliced chocolate.  Mix together ensuring that the consistency is both elastic and brilliant.  With a rubber spatula, and when the temperature is 30/35º C, add the whipped cream. Pour immediately into a mold and freeze.

 Peach and Asprinio Sauce
100g fresh yellow peaches, 150 g fine sugar, 200 g Asprinio di Aversa Brut

Tomato Marmalade
1 kg peeled pachino tomatoes, 430 g sugar, salt, chili pepper, 4 small onions.
 Peel the tomatoes and mix with the sugar.  Leave for 15 minutes.  In the meantime, slice the onions into julienne strips and brown in a saucepan with oil and the  chili pepper. Add the tomatoes and cook for 20/25 minutes.  Blend and 
spellare i pomodorini e mischiarli allo zucchero. Lasciar macerare per 15 minuti. Tagliare gli scalogni a  julienne , rosolarli con olio e peperoncino. Aggiungere i pomodorini, far cuocere per 20/25 minuti, frullare e passare al setaccio fine.
Aggiustare la consistenza sul fuoco.

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