Sunday, July 1, 2012

Il Bikini... the Sunset... 'A Pasta...

While driving to Vico Equense last Sunday evening,  I couldn't help thinking about that sunset.  That famous Il Bikini sunset when the sun has just about finished it's job of warming up the coast line, and makes its way down towards the sea giving off spectacular colors of orange and red.  
Last Sunday evening was a special dinner sponsored by Gazzetta Gastronomica to raise funds for earthquake victims in the Emilia region of Italy and conclude their 2 day 'A Pasta festival.  I arrived just as a spectacular evening was about to begin, actually, had already started.  Aperitivo hour with Ellenikos Groco spumante brut from Fattoria La Rivolta and Cobiki-a refreshing beverage with E' Curti's Nucillo and an organic chinotto.

Both were the choice for fried specialties such as  sardines and potato croquettes prepared by Bikini's executive chef Mimmo de Simone.
When everyone had arrived, it was time to take our seats and be treated to a cool night under the stars...with the stars.   Il Bikini's kitchen was the proud host for five chefs from five Michelin star restaurants.

mezzo pacchero pasta stuffed with Riccardo's ragù with a provolone del monaco fondue
Chef Mimmo de Simone-Bikini

mezzo rigatone pasta with pistachios and bottarga
Chef Mauro Uliassi-Ristorante Uliassi di Senigallia

mezza candela pasta with ricotta, tomatoes, smoked and marinated mullet, and wild mint
Chef Alfonso Caputo - Taverna del Capitano di Marina del Cantone

At this point in the game, I wanted to stretch my legs and see what was going on in the kitchen.  This is always an exciting place to be, standing off to the side, watching a team of chefs in action.  Each helping each other out.

the calm before the storm...chefs Alfonso Caputo, Alessandro Negrini and  Liberato Urru


durum wheat spaghettoni with spring onions, fresh chili peppers, olive oil and basil
Chef Alessandro Negrini - Il Luogo di Aimo e Nadia di Milano

mezza manica pasta with coccio and redfish
Chef Liberato Urru - Ristorante Quattro Passi di Nerano

Then it was Chef Alfonso Iaccarino's turn.  The plate many were waiting for...

vulcano di rigatoni
Chef Alfonso Iaccarino - Don Alfonso 1890 di Sant'Agata sui Due Golfi 

Chef Mauro Uliassi, Maurizio Cortese, and Chef Alfonso Iaccarino
 It was getting late...I couldn't leave without dessert...

cantelope soup with a vanilla parfait
Chef Mimmo de Simone - Bikini
And a 'good night, G' to my favorite DJ...
Girgio Scarselli - Owner of Il Bikini

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