Saturday, June 8, 2013

An Aperitivo on the Roof- Roof & Sky, Lago Miseno (Na)

It had been awhile since I had been up on the roof.    So that probably explains the flood of memories that rushed into my mind as I walked the plank on Pontile # 3, Lake Miseno. The plank that led me to Asteco e Cielo- Roof & Sky.
It was lunchtime ish and this lounge bar/boat on the lake had plenty of appetizers for me to snack on while I hung out on the deck chatting away with owner Michele Grande.  Chatting away with Grande about what makes this barca in the heart of Campi Flegrei one of the hottest spots on the lake.

By day - It is open as early as 8 am for a caffe', cappucino, and cornetto.  The perfect place to read the morning paper.  Or relax after that morning stroll around Bacoli's Villa Comunale.  Mid day.  Appetizers all around.

 Plenty to snack on over a glass of wine, aperitivo, or any of the wide range of frozen cocktails and mixed drinks the bar has to offer.  That afternoon I was lucky.  Grande decided to prepare us a light lunch..  He prepared one of the dishes  from his restaurant La Bifora.  A plate of calamarata pasta with crab and squid (recipe soon).
A plate of pasta that paired perfectly with the view of Ischia and Procida from the terrace and a glass or two of Falanghina dei Campi Flegrei from Piscina Mirabile.  Over a cup of strawberries and cream, Grande reminded me what happens when the hot summer days turn into hot summer nights.  Roof & Sky leaves the pier and heads out to the center of the lake around 10 pm ish.   The perfect place for a night cap, a bottle of champagne with friends, a plate of sushi flegreo...
But for that, I'd have to come back...soon.

Roof & Sky
Lago Miseno - Pontile # 3
80070 Bacoli (Na)
333 276 1608

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