Saturday, June 29, 2013

Serendipity - Bacio il Cielo Paestum Bianco IGP 2011 - Viticoltori De Conciliis

Wikipedia: Serendipity means  a "happy accident" or "pleasant surprise"; specifically, the accident of finding something good or useful without looking for it. 

Driving the 30 ish km from Battipaglia (Sa) to Agropoli  (Sa)and back can be challenging. .  The challenge isn't the heat or the traffic.  The challenge is  by passing the dozen of mozzarella farms and shops that seem to call out at you as you drive by.  And I must admit, they are enticing.  Especially on a Friday evening after a long work week.  So I decided to stop at Podere Galante on the SS 18 for a 1/ kilo of mozzarella and something to go with out.  .   Little did I know that that something would be Bruno. Che bello!  Each time  I'm in the area, I'm  reminded of my first visit into Cilento as a wine blogger nearly three years ago to visit  Bruno...Bruno De Conciliis at his winery  And there he was...on a shelf with wines from the region.   De Conciliis's Bacio il Cielo Paestum Bianco IGP 2011.  I purchased a bottle and my mozzarella and made my way home.

I let the wine chill just enough before I opened this blend of Fiano and Malvasia.  Bacio il Cielo...Kiss the Sky.    A kiss from the sky - a light golden kiss shining in the glass.  A kiss with light floral aromas and a touch of citrus. The palate was refreshingly fresh and flavorful with a nice finish. 
Time for the next challange of the evening. Would Bacio il Cielo pair well with  my mozzarella?  My Barlotti mozzarella that had called out to me on the SS 18 earlier in the evening?  This flavorful milky mozzarella that was fine on it's own?  
Two bites of Barlotti followed by a sip or two of Bacio il Cielo.

The perfect good night kiss.


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