Sunday, August 11, 2013

Mare Non Stop - Le Axidie Resort, Vico Equense (Na)

After years of avoiding August Sundays on the beach (and not to mention the beach traffic), the heat over the last week or so gave me no choice.  I decided that this summer I would  take my blog on the beach.  I wanted the sea...a day of mare non stop.Una giornata di mare, as  Executive Chef Giacomo De Simone put it. A day on the beach at   Resort Le Axidie.
I'd been to this corner of Vico Equense before.  Back in October.  But this time I brought my swimsuit.  This time I played in the sand.  I waded in the waves.  I took a quick nap on a beach chair under a brighto range  umbrella. And when I got hungry enough I headed to Punta Scutolo, the resort's restaurant.  There I was greated by Maitre D' Gabriele Ferraro.  We looked over the wine list together, Ferraro knowing my love of Campania wines, especially ones from the territory suggested one that I hadn't heard before.  Siero Bianco 2011 by Abbazzia di Crapolla's blend of fiano and falanghina from the hills of Vico Equense.  He poured me a glass as the chef and his team continued my giornata di mare.

Appetizers included a colorful dish of red mullet, salmon roe, and fresh figs with a lobster bisque.. 

This was followed by pizzaiola 'raw', burrata, and shrimp. 

Next, lightly sauteed tuna with sesame seeds, lupin beans, olives, and marinated onions. 

Then to round out the dish, an appetizer served up 'just for me'...a lightly fried shrimp with a Provolone del Monaco cheese sauce.

A light plate of pasta was next on the list ; shrimp, a light lemon sauce and salmon roe. 

This was followed by a zuppa di pesce complete with clams, fish, and mussels and a light tomato sauce.  

Seems like a lot but any chef worth his salt knows to just give assaggini/small servings, so that their guests don't go away feeling stuffed. 
And so that there is room for dessert :-)
Desserts like the classic caprese, caprese al limone (lemon), ricotta with pear, zeppole di San Giuseppe, chocolate filled brioche, and chocolate ice cream with puffed rice.

What a giornata a mare.  
A giornata di mare non stop. I couldn't help but think that maybe the next time I'd have to stay more than a day.  I did not a tennis court (for my son), a spa for me.  
And there was the question of completing that sand castle I didn't finish...

Le Axidie Resort
Marina di Equa, Vico Equense, 
80069 Vico Equense, (Na)
Tel: 081 8028562 

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