Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Mare Non Stop - Sunset Chasing - Il Bikini, Vico Equense (Na)

Wednesday evening on the SS 145.  The scenic highway that embraces the Sorrento Peninsula has an abundance of striking and impressive views.  Tourists slowly drive along this winding road, stop for a granita or take a few photos.  All well and good.  In the summer we should take it slow.  But not this evening.  I was on my way to Il Bikini for  Scalzo e Crudo.   Scalzo e Crudo, literally translated as barefoot and raw, is a weekly beach party organized by Giorgio Scarselli, owner of this popular beach complex.  And though the crowds would start to get heavy around 10 pm, my mission was to hit the beach at 8:15 pm.  That's the magical moment when the sun starts setting into motion one of the most dazzling displays of lights I've ever seen.
 I'm a self confessed sunset chaser, and though I've been to Il Bikini on numerous occasions, day, evening, and night - sunset is my favorite time.  That half hour or so when the sun descends into the bay surrounded by blues, oranges, pinks, and purples.  I had to be there by 8:15 pm ish, and the traffic on the coast was making me nervous.  I had an appointment with Scarselli and his sunset. Plus there would be music. pizza, corn on the cob, and barbecue kebabs with Scarselli's secret sauce.

Mission accomplished.

  Il Bikini
SS Sorrentina 145 Km 13,900
80069 Vico Equense (Na)

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