Thursday, August 29, 2013

Mare Non Stop - Pizzaiola Cruda with Shrimp and Burrata, Chef Giacomo De Simone, Restaurant Punta Scutole, Vico Equense (Na)

I had spent a hot morning on the beach.  Very hot. So after a cool glass of acqua frizzante and a glass of Sireo Bianco 2011 I was ready to eat.    The breeze that met me at my table on the terrace at Restaurant Punta Scutolo did its best, but to no avail.  Then it arrived.   Chef Giacomo De Simone called it pizzaiola cruda with shrimp and burrata.  I called it one of the coolest seafood appetizers I had the chance to enjoy this summer.

The attention to detail was intense.  Tomatoes.  Colorful green, yellow, and reds all diced by hand into tiny tiny tiny pieces.   He placed them there, like a neatly arranged circular mosaic.
With a little extra virgin oilve oil.
A little salt.
A little oregano.
The chef gingerly placed a spoonful of burrata on top to balance out the acidity from the tomatoes.
Then the top.  Two pieces of carefully peeled raw shrimp side by side.
It was an appetizer. Un assaggio.  A taste.

With each small bite, that breeze from the beach seemed a little bit cooler.
My glass of wine seemed to appreciate it, too.