Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Raito Martini - The Amalfi Coast Shaken Not Stirred

As I sat down to lunch in the dining room of Il Golfo Ristorante, I thought to myself  Ahhh, here I am back on the Amalfi Coast, back at Hotel Raito. I couldn't help but notice the amazing view from the terrace. To one side the blues of the sky and the sea.  To the other side, the rich colors from the hotel's numerous gardens.  Those colors and that spirit of the coast were served to me in a long tall glass - shaken not served.  A light refreshing cocktail known as the Raito Martini prepared by bar manager Francesco Imparato.

Raito Martini:
5 cl of limoncello, 2 cl of white cream mint liqueur, 10 cl of tonic water

Shake the limoncello and liquer together and pour into a tall glass.  Top with the tonic water.  Add a sprig of mint and a bit of lemon zest.

The Amalfi Coast is served.

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