Friday, October 9, 2015

13 October at Expo 2015 in Milan - 'The Neapolitan Pizza' - A Scientific Study by Enzo Coccia Paolo Masi, and Annalisa Romano

Master Pizza Maker Enzo Coccia (Pizzeria La Notizia/Pizza Consulting) has opened up yet another chapter on Neapolitan pizza.  La Pizza Napoletana, a book published in Italian and released this past summer has been translated into English.  Coccia worked for 2 years alongside Paolo Masi and Annalisa Romano of The University of Naples Federico II to produce the first scientific guide to the artisanal process of pizza making-Naples style.  The book, The Neapolitan Pizza, published by Doppiavoce, will be presented  in Milan at Expo 2015 in the theater of the Slowfood Pavillion on the 13th of October at 6 pm .  I have been asked to participate during the presentation presented by Slow Food and Ferrarelle
See you at Expo 2015!

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