Thursday, October 22, 2015

Fierce Fabulous Frittura - Don Alfonso 1890, Sant'Agata Sui Due Golfi, (Na)

A visit to Don Alfonso 1890 towards the end of the season has become a new tradition that I have come to look forward to in the short period that I have known the Iaccarino family.  A study of the elaborate menu is an opportunity take a look back/try again/revisit dishes you know, ones you'd like to try again from the current season or maybe a favorite from seasons past. But last Saturday, my eyes caught a menu item that I was unfamiliar with.

One listed as a Ricetta Classica - one that has been on the menu for ages due to its popularity for being fantastically tasty.  Calamaretti, gamberetti, ed ortaggi in leggera frittura con maionese di barbabietole or slightly fried baby squid, shrimp, and vegetables with beet  mayonnaise.  That I had to try!  So when it was just about time for this dish to arrive, I peeked through the side window of the restaurant's kitchen  It was there that I saw Chef Ernesto Iaccarino carefully choosing one by one which fried goodies were deemed worthy to be put on the plate and eventually leave the world famous 2 star Michelin restaurant kitchen.
Seeing that he was satisfied, I made my way back to my table to wait.

Right away I was given a large platter of squid, shrimp and vegetables fried tempura style.  Light and crispy with just the right light touch of seasoning.  On the side, a small dish of purplish pink beet mayonnaise.  One that I could not resist dipping one or two fried zucchini and onion rings in.
Over and over again.

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