Monday, October 19, 2015

Fantastic Firsts - Paccheri alla Genovese with Salt Cod, Chef Marco Rispo, Aromatica, Milan

As you may have noticed by reading the last couple of blog posts, I was in Milan last week.  And although I was there for just under 24 hours, I made sure I got a chance to try some Campania cuisine even though I was far from home.  Lunch at Aromatica, located inside Expo 2015 gave me just that chance.  Chef Marco Rispo is originally from Naples area and his roots showed as he presented his take on a classic Neapolitan dish - Pasta alla Genovese.

The chef's choice of pasta was paccheri.  He served the pasta with a genovese sauce made with sweet Coppery Montoro Onions. He could have stopped there, but he added a foamy flavorful sauce made with salt cod (morro), spinach, and a sprinkling of dried raspberries.

And that's what made this first fantastic.

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