Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Fantastic Firsts, Chef Michele Deleo, Rossellinis Ristorante, Ravello (Sa)

 Let's continue my gastronomical journey that I took last week in Ravello at Rossellinis Ristorante.  It was there where I tried Chef Michele Deleo's La Mia 'Arrabbiata' di Vongole Veraci /My Pasta with Clams and "Arrabbiata' Sauce.  The dish features rigatoni pasta that had been cooked in the water released while the clams were steamed open, then bathed in an Italian parsley sauce.

 So where does the arrabbiata sauce come in?  Arrabbiata literally means angry but in terms of pasta sauces, it means spicy and is prepared with garlic, tomatoes and red chili peppers.  Deleo spiced up sweet datterino tomatoes in a coulis sauce, added burrata cheese, and anchovies.

Check out the plating!  Each rigatoni received its own clam, its own serving of arrabbiata sauce,  and was placed in what I like to think of as its own little valley. The pasta dish came served on a gorgeous glass platter that the chef designed himself!


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