Monday, September 19, 2016

SpectacularSummer Flashback 2016 - Scorfano in Peperonata, Chef Michele Deleo, Rossellinis Ristorante, Ravello (Sa)

Summer is nearly over....but that's okay.  I've got some summer memories of dishes that I tasted in 2016 to last me through the change in seasons.
Dishes like this one that I tried about a month ago by Michelin starred chef Michele Deleo of Rossellinis Ristorante in the beautiful town of Ravello, high above the Amalfi Coast.

My server, Francesco Pignatiello, proudly set this plate down in front of me, waited just the right amout of time, you know, for me to absorb the colors and the aromas, and then began to describe the dish for me.

Scorfano in peperonata...Scorpionfish in bell peppers.  

A dish, that reminded Pignatiello of a famous sculpture located in Naples's centro storico - Il Cristo Velato/The Veiled Christ.  The marble sculpture by Neapolitan artist Giuseppe Sanmartino in the 1700 on display at Museo Capello Sansevero.

Maybe. Maybe.

Both pieces of art spark curiosity, wonder, and a desire to dig in and discover what is under that veil.

Sanmartino's veil is draped over Jesus Christ....
Deleo's veil is draped over a scorpionfish cooked in an infusion of roasted peppers served with tapenade of black olives, fried caper powder  and mint infused olive oil...

Sanmartino's masterpiece is a work of art that has pleased numerous artlovers over the centuries....

Deleo's was definitely a spectacular summer flashback for my 2016....

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