Wednesday, September 21, 2016

SpectacularSummer Flashback2016, Gnocco Pesto di Fagiolini, Chef Domenico Stile, Enoteca La Torre, (Rm)

Chef Domenico Stile sent me a message late May.  That message invited me to Rome for the weekend to present the chef during a cooking presentation.  I decided toextend that invitation and swing by Enoteca La Torre a Villa Laetitia to check out his new menu - and also snap a couple of shots of thir amazing dining room-especially the glass window ( :-D )  It was there, that afternoon in June, that I had the opportunity to try a dish that I can add to my list of SpectacularSummer experiences for 2016.
Stile's gnocco pesto di fagiolini, fondata di provolone del monaco e palamita marinata

 or better, his green bean pesto gnocchi, provolone del monaco fondue, marinated bonito.
Nearly three months have passed but I still remember each bite. 

Each pillow of flavor designed to savour slowly, without stress, without trying to examine or over analyse this dish by this promising young chef. 

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