Tuesday, October 4, 2016

An Alternative, A " Sfizio", O'Sfizio d'a Notizia, Naples (Na)

And there  I was. The weekend approaching and along with it, certain cravings that needed to be fulfilled. It had been awhile since I'd been out, and quite honestly, I was looking for something a little different than my usual pizza night or gourmet lunch.
Then a certain named popped into my mind.  Enzo Coccia.  Coccia, one of the top pizza makers in Naples/Italy/world who, just six months earlier, had opened up a hot spot next door to his standing room only Pizzeria La Notizia.
Yes, six months ago I had the opportunity to be on hand as Coccia presented his O' Sfizio d'a Notizia to the press. His gamble, if you will, presenting an alternative for pizza and panini lovers to a tough Neapolitan audience. So as they say, curiosity killed the cat and satisfaction brought him back, I decided to visit Coccia, Eduardo Ore and team for an aperitif that turned into one of the most down to earth experiences of my 2016 so far. O Sfizio d'a Notizia is not your usual pizzeria.  In fact, it's not a pizzeria at all, in my opinion.  It's what has the potential of being a hangout, a spot for an aperitf, a happy hour, a late night snack, and so on and so on and so on.  
Sfizio means whim, fancy, treat....so what did Coccia have in mind? I mentioned before, an alternative.
A location where Neapolitan street food meets sparking wine  and champagne.
Let's take a look!

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 A montanarina, mni montonara fried pizza starring piennolo tomatoe, pecorino cheese and basil.

 I paired it, as well as the rest of the my happy evening with an Asprinio D'Aversa by Salvatore Martusciello.

  Next up, another mini montanara, this time starring stracciatella di bufala, pesto sauce and toasted pine nuts.

 A little sandwich, which Eduoardo Ore described as a Murzillo Ventresca & Pecorino Romano.; basically a mini, tiny toasted sandwich with ventresca- aka as lard and pecorino romano cheese. Should I have felt guilty? Nah...remember, it has been awhile!

 Next up- a pizza fritta/fried pizza. The menu is pack with a variety of choices, but I decided to stick to  tradition - ricotta, provola, and salami!

 I couldn't leave ithout trying a couple of Mpustarelle...sandwiches made with toasted bread in a wood fired oven stuffed with specialties such as provola, marinated zucchini, pancetta and fresh mint....

 Or a classic such  as mortadella!

Eduardo Ore

So?  My intent as a relaxing evening...Instead I found an alternative..in the heart of Napoli on a Friday night....

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