Monday, October 31, 2016

Travel Diary -Indian Summer Tour, Part 4, I Piatti di Nino, Nino Di Costanzo, Dani Maison, Ischia (Na)

Chef Nino Di Costanzo

An Indian Summer Tour could not be without a tour to the Islands.  I'm talking about Ischia and a return to the nouvissima restaurant Dani Maison.

7 October, 2016 - Indian Summer Travel Diary

It's almost impossible to talk about Nono Di Costanzo's dishes without talking about Nino Di Costanzo's dishes.  Di Costanzo, in my opinion, is the mad hatter of attention to detail.  Everything in his Dani Maison deserves a first second and yes, even a third look.  
My end of season visit to the 2 Michelin starred Chef Di Costanzo's home that cool October evening was full of eye popping presentations like...

His amazing appetizer of quail, scampi and chick peas on a colorful glass dish...

Di Costanzo's  linguine  Gerardo di Nola  starring garlic, extra virgin olive oil, anchovies and bruschetta...

Sure, one of the best fantastic firsts that I've ever tasted in a long long time, I fell in love with this serving dish made of stainless steel w ith copper underneath that not only a a work of art itself, but was hot hot to the touch.  And who wants cold cold pasta?

Time for dessert, well, the predessert.

 Il pomodoro.  A tomato, but not really....looks can be deceiving.  This passion fruit/chocolate delicacy was served on a hand blown hour glass complete with sand....


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