Saturday, April 8, 2017

Behind the Scenes - Chef Domenico Iavarone, Jose' Restaurant, Torre del Greco (Na)

Chef Domenico Iavarone 

A series of messages and phone calls over the past several months between Chef Domenico Iavarone and I  always included an invitation: come by and take a look at what’s going on.  I must admit my curiosity nearly killed this cat. 

Iavarone, after collaborating with chefs such as Gennaro Esposito (Torre de Saracino)  and Oliver Glowig (Capri Palace), and a few seasons at Maxi (earning him a Michelin Star), the chef decided to make a change.  To start a new adventure opening up a brand new restaurant in Torre del Greco – Jose’ Restaurant.

I have had the honor to visit the chef a couple of times there – the restaurant is scheduled to open soon.  It is incredibly interesting to see and hear about what goes into opening up a new place.  The struggles, the victories, the frustrations, the challenges, then the satisfaction of saying – Ecco! We’re nearly there! 
Nothing like Restaurant Start Up, believe me.

My last visit was last Saturday.  The chef was fine tuning the menu, taking part in a photo shoot for his press kit, and also explaining each dish to the dining room staff.  

Any chef worth his salt knows that a well informed staff is crucial.  The staff took notes, asked questions, and tasted each dish.

Dishes such as…

Eggplant and mixed salad.

Uovo al purgartorio - poached egg in tomato sauce with shrimp.

Asparagus, sweetbread, and scampi.

Octopus in a celery and spinach soup, potatoes, and  crumbled biscotti from Agerola.

Me?  I was taking it all in.  So involved in the action that I didn’t eat.  Iavarone noticed, so he whipped up a quick appetizer –  tortelli pasta topped with fried artichokes and a cynar sauce.  

I took my little prize package, headed out to the garden and enjoyed it in the company of daisies in this amazing villa – Villa Guerra- with Mt Vesuvius in the background.
I was ready to leave, so I headed back into the villa to say goodbye to the chef.  Not before dessert! Iavarone said with a smile.

Okay- if you insist!

Raspberry and chocolate!!!

In bocca al lupo –Chef!

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