Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Carciofola Arrustuta - Garden Fruit, Ischia (Na)

I think I have been to the island of Ischia more in the past 6 months than in the past 23 plus years that I have been in Italy.  And each time that I visit the green island, I discover something new thanks to my amici veraci like Ivano Veccia and Pasquale Raicaldo

Giuseppe Giovan, Iano Veccia, Pasquale Raicaldo

A stroll through the picturesque neighborhood of Ischia Ponte became an impromptu’ opportunity for an aperitivo, an aperitif.  And since it happened to be one of the early primavera, spring,  \weekends, it seemed natural to stop for an artichoke aperitif.  Roasted artichoke- carciofo arrostito, or as they say in Ischia, carciofola arrustuta

The location was not a swanky bar or restaurant.  But a clean, colorful fruit and vegetable stand.  We arrived around one pm one sunny Saturday afternoon alongside dozens of others who could not wait to try Peppe Giovan’s bbq magic. Location - Garden Fruit - Ischia.

Giuseppe Giovan

Peppe's recipe is simple but special…

He begins with a Roman artichoke and cleans the leg. He then thinly slices a little garlic and Italian parsley.  He opens up the artichoke, adds salt, the leg, and parsley.  Sometimes a little pancetta! A drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and then wraps it all in aluminum foil.
Straight to the grill – head down – for about 20 minutes – flips it over – opens the foil.
Peppe adds a little more oil and tests to see if the carciofola is done by using a simple toothpick and years of experience.

Paired with laughter, smiles, a fantastic neighborhood, and a promise to be back soon.  The perfect pre aperitif aperitif verace!

Street food on the street!!

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