Sunday, April 30, 2017

Fast and Fusion Night - Sakurajima Fusion Lab, Naples (Na)

There’s a town in Southern Japan known as the Naples of the Orient.  That town is Kagoshima.  Kagoshima is also Naples’s sister city and has many things in common with Italia's lively city .  Both cities have a mild climate, boast palm tree lined streets, are port cities, and are home to active volcanoes.
In fact, the name of Kagoshima’s volcano is also the name of Napoli’s latest Japanese fusion lab – Sakurajima located on Via Tasso. 

Sakurajima Fusion Lab is the dream of four Neapolitan amici - Alfredo Liguori, Danilo Cortimiglia, Maurizio Masala and Chef Stefano Esposito.  Esposito, aka – Chef Stef – with experience in top restaurants such as Tender One and Japan One, now is at the helm of this tiny, stylish, Neapolitan reality that is less than a month old.  I paid a visit last Thursday evening and made sure I had one of the seats at the counter so that I could observe the action.

This being my first visit, I decided to place myself in the hands of Chef Stef…

At the counter with Chef Stef

This is what he shared with me that cool rainy spring serata.

An array of crustaceans and mollusks tartar.

Salmon, octopus, Mazara red shrimp, scallops and scampi carpaccio.

A savory version of dorayaki starring smoked salmon, salad, ikura (salmon roe) and avocado cream.

Mare Nostrum - Our Sea - a triple of marinated seafood based on the catch of the day.

I had little space for a little more.  So I was treated to Chef Stef’s roll.  His Chef fa’ tu!
 A roll of seafood, vegetables and rice.

I had only scraped the surface of Sakurajima Fusion Lab's  menu but I knew that I’d be back.  Probably with my teenage son who I’m sure would love it.  Or maybe take advantage of the restaurant’s take away menu available online where a fast and fusion experience can be delivered to my doorstep!

Alla prossima fast and fusion night!

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