Monday, May 1, 2017

Fantastic Firsts - Chef Francesco Sposito, Taverna Estia, Brusciano (Na)

The opportunity to try a new dish is always exciting - especially a pasta dish - especially one prepared by Chef Francesco Sposito of Taverna Estia.
I had ordered the France' pensaci tu tasting menu which meant I confidently placed myself in the hands of the 2 Michelin Starred chef.
Though I could see him in the kitchen from my table, I was pleasantly surprised when Sposito accompanied a brightly colored dish of pasta across the dining room.  It was hard not to notice  the candle in his right hand and the aroma that arose from it.

Chef Francesco Sposito
The chef began to explain the dish beginning  with that small aromatic candle made with - wait for it - pork lard!
The candele pasta, cooked very al dente, was cooked in tomato water.  It was plated along with a sauce made of lobster coral and a  garlic and Italian parsley cream and fresh shrimp.

That's not all - Sposito, drizzled some of the candle wax  on the pasta.  He then  blew out the candle and set it beside my plate for a little aromatherapy.

Here's a look, including my exclamation at the end....

Viva lardo!


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