Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Minestra Maritata - Chef Nino Di Costanzo, Dani Maison, Ischia (Na)

Chef's table - Dani' Maison.  A chance to sit down to lunch with Chef Nino Di Costanzo, 2 Michelin stars, in his tiny kitchen of the restaurant that he transformed out of his grandfather's house is something that I still have to pinch myself every now and then to believe.  A weekend in Ischia, a chance to try Di Costanzo's new dishes for the second season of his dream on this fantastic island.
Di Costanzo loves tradition.  He loves simple ingredients.  He loves his childhood memories.  Ask any Neapolitan child of a classic dish prepared by their mother or grandmother and I can bet that minestra maritata is high on the list.  
Minestra maritata - or wedding soup is a typical dish prepared in Campania which marries meat and vegetables in a time consuming, yet labor of love.  It prepared just right, it not only produces an amazing broth, it also produces amazing flavors and and of course, memories.

I believe that is exactly what Chef Di Costanzo had in mind when he decided to serve up his take on a classic dish prepared in his family for generations.
Di Costanzo decided to substitute shrimp, rabbit ( a staple in Ischia) and escarole in place of the classic ingredients such as beef, pork and chicken.
Di Costano presented his version on a copper plate, ingredients wrapped in thin pasta or standing alone.  Standing alone waiting to be tasted alongside instructions given by the Dani Maison waiting staff to sip a bit of chicken broth.  

A spoon provided.  Bellissimo!


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