Thursday, May 18, 2017

Amazing Appetizers, Chef Crescenzo Scotti, Il Flauto di Pan, Ravello (Sa)

A Mother's Day lunch with my son was the perfect excuse to hit the road towards Ravello, a medieval town high above the Amalfi Coast.  A perfect excuse to visit Chef Crescenzo Scotti of Il Flauto di Pan in the picturesque Villa Cimbrone Hotel.
 After a relaxing cocktail prepared by Baldo Durazzo (coming soon) my son and I sat down at the table an tried three of Scotti's starters-

Beginning with an appetizer that gives us a sneak peek of the summer season.  Il Pomodoro;  the tomato.

A reconstructed caponata featuring the classic ingredients such as tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, freselle, all stuffed inside Scotti's tomato casa.

Next, the chef's signature dish that has been a part of his menu for several years.  A cappuccino-

one made with potatoes, lobster and a sprinkling of black squid powder on top.

Then a montanarina.

A little fried pizza Scotti style starring some amazing ingredients.  Scampi, corbarino tomato confit, and caviar.  The chef stuffed the pizza dough with burrata and basil.


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