Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Summer Vacation a Casa - Casa Vitiello, Tuoro (Ce)

Halfway through July and friends and family have been asking the same question over and over again 'Karen, how have you been spending your summer vacation?'
At home/a casa.

Casa Vitiello - a pizzeria not too far from home that has become, basically, home.

So one Saturday afternoon I decided to check out what Francesco (Ciccio) Viteillo had been serving up on his summer menu.

He served up three pizzas for a mini pizza party with estate/summer as the theme.


Pizza alla Nerano.  A pizza named after the famous Campania pasta dish starring sauteed zucchini,  mint and Provolone del Monaco cheese.


La Colorata, A colorful pizza starring yellow and red tomato confit, fior di latte cheese and fresh marjoram.


O' Ciurilli.  Ciurilli means zucchini flowers in dialect, and the ones on Ciccio's pizza are from the family garden. And speaking of garden, the curly endive salad is from an organic farm belonging to amici - Fondazione Leo.

Then there's fior di latte, anchovies from Sciaccia, Sicily  and black olives- pitted and powdered versions.

So, the way I see it, summer vacation at home is not such a terrible thing.

Viva the staycation!

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