Monday, July 3, 2017

Two Fantastic Firsts, Chef Pasquale Palamaro, Ristorante Indaco, Ischia (Na)

During a  Saturday summer evening in Ischia, at a corner table ar Michelin starred Ristorante Indaco, I had the opportunity to try Chef Pasquale Palamaro's blind tasting menu that featured these first course dishes.  Here's a look...

My love for pasta lunga reached a new high thanks to Palamaro's angel hair pasta.  The chef prepared it with garlic, crustacean oil, and red chili flakes.

Sitting on top?  Green frigitelli peppers and caviar.

Next, Palamaro's rice, bottarga, and lemon.
This rice dish has a salted lemon base, then a layer of carnaroli rice and butter,  Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, and lemon zest. 

Powdered Venere rice, Canadian wild rice, and grated bottarga...


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