Wednesday, July 11, 2018

50 Kalo' di Ciro Salvo Opens in London

On July 12th Ciro Salvo will 50 Kalò in Trafalgar Square, his new pizzeria with his historical partner Alessandro Guglielmini. "We got the idea of ​​opening in London  a few years ago. Obviously I waited for the right time, I wanted to transfer  50 Kalò's entire identity and to do it  correctly I had to think and study the right formula. It is a leap that can be done when one is professionally mature and ready. Opening a pizzeria is easy, but transferring the soul is the most important thing. " declares Ciro Salvo. Salvo who faithfully reproduces his style of pizza good, hydrated and soft.  A style that began  about 25 years ago that has evolved over time.

The menu will feature many of  Salvo's symbolic pizzas: Margherita, 50 Kalò, Montanara; and the famous fried pizza . A wide selection of wines from Campania and Italian craft beers will be available to drink as well as special Champagne list.

During the day,  a bar will be open featuring  Italian cocktails (Spritz, Negroni, Bellini) for an aperitif or after a meal.

50 Kalo'  will be about 200 square meters with 90 seats, in the city center: in the famous Trafalgar Square,  one of the hottest locations in London.

What else? A special room so diners can observe the perfect pizza production: from preparation of the dough, hand cutting and rolling the dough into balls, manipulation, cooking and presentation..

The project is designed by Costa Group who has recreated an environment that combines English style with the Mediterranean. On the walls are photos of Ciro Salvo that reproduce the perfect sequence to make pizza, in the center the wood oven covered with red tiles, as in the pizzeria in Naples. Also the work bench is in white marble according to the Neapolitan tradition.

Good luck, Ciro!

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