Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Thanksgiving weekend to remember.

Several years ago, I wanted to take advantage of the 4 day Thanksgiving weekend. My husband, Italian, did not have the weekend off since it is an American holiday. I chose Avellino since it was far enough away, but close enough to home if you know what I mean. After an extensive web search, I stumbled on an agriturismo by the name of Tenuta Montelaura. There I had one of my first experiences with a hospitable family run business. Alone with my son David, who was 5 years old at the time, we were treated like one of the family. There I had one of my first glasses of aglianico. I had my first taste of a classic Italian recipe, pasta and pumpkin with potatoes. As we enjoyed homemade pizza in front of a roaring fire, I was reminded of what I love about Campania. David loved seeing the animals as our hosts Raffaele (Lello) Tornatore and Flavia Pappalardo took him under their wings to see the goats, pigs, and chickens.

Since then, I have been back several times, including a New Year’s Eve dinner with my folks from the states as well as the first official Andiamotrips bus trip back in 2006. I’ve run into Lello on several occasions in Taurasi, where he is also part of the coop Antica Hirpinia and professional sommelier.

These memories came to life while searching the net the other day. Tenuta Montelaura is having a dinner the 27th of November based around pork, a popular meat this time of year in the region. The menu (in Italian ) is as follows:

Crostino caldo di pariata di maiale del quinto quarto
Ramata di Montoro ripiena, al mosto cotto di Aglianico
Arrotolata di spalla affumicata su “viscuotto di criscito”
Ricottina calda di “Laticauda
Lagane di castagne al profumo di alloro e
Sgranocchiata di piedino e orecchio di maiale
Bocconi di gola,patate e “pepaine curate”
Torta di nocciole con fonduta di cioccolata

The wines:
Coda di Volpe Vadiaperti 2007
Fiano di Avellino DOCG Villa Raiano 2007
Irpinia Aglianico Terredora “Il Principio” 2006
Grappe di monovitigno (Aglianico,Fiano e Greco) e distillato di fichi Carpenito ( Tufo)
Mandarinetto e Nocino Tenuta Montelaura

The price for the evening is 30 Euro. Reservations must be made by the 23rd by calling 0825 762500 or 3475652164.

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  1. Thanks for your rewiew, dear Karen,we hosts of italian food and wine cannot have better journalist then you.
    Bye,bye Flavia