Monday, November 30, 2009

Trippa and Champagne -Ciao Vino, November 27

Last Friday, November 27, most Americans were recovering from a Thanksgiving meal, or shopping. I decided to take the opportunity and attend the champagne tasting at Ciao Vino. The weather on Friday morning wasn’t the best, but inside the Enoteca, a packed crowd enjoyed themselves as we were introduced to Bruno Paillard and 5 of his top French champagnes. This was my first ‘champagne’ tasting and a great eye opener.

We tasted 5 different champagnes; Brut Première Cuvée brut S.A, Rosè Première Cuvée S.A,Brut Assemblage Millésimé 1996, Blanc de blancs Millésimé 1996, and Blanc de blancs Millésimé 1995. Each champagne was a treat, and unique. My favorite was his Brut Assemblage Millésimé 1996, a blend of Chardonnay and Pinoit Noir. I really enjoyed the aroma of pane di spezie or bread with spices. There was also an aroma of caffè and candied fruit, a first for me. Another noteworthy offering was Rosè Première Cuvée S.A. 100% Pinot Noir, a brilliant rose color with small, tiny bubbles. This champagne would be great for all courses of your meal (except dessert), particularly if you are serving carni bianche and formaggio.

Mr. Palliard’s champagnes are not easy to find, meaning they are not on the shelf of our local supermarkets. He produces 500,000 bottles a year, with 80% going to top class restaurants. The rest are to high end enotecas. Click on his site, to learn more about Mr. Paillard as his champagnes. Click on to the Ais site here to see some photos of the event.

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