Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Con le Dolce di Carnevale, Ogni Vino Vale?: What should we have with our Carnevale Desserts?

I mentioned in my last blog that Naples has its traditional Carnevale desserts- chiacchiere, castagnolo, and migliaccio. I was then curious what would be the best wines to accompany these classic desserts. I called up my friend,Fabrizio Erbaggio, (Ais vice delegate, Ciao Vino).

Fabrizio suggested we stay in the Campania region and selected sweet desert wines from the following wineries. I took the liberty of pulling their technical cards from their web sites.

 Eleusi from Villa Matilde.  A passito that is 100% falanghina, an amber color with gold reflections. Excellent persistence of flavors, good acidity and medium residual sugar; superb structure, sensations of silk and velvet. (http://www.fattoriavillamatilde.it/vino.php?id_tenuta=6&id_referenza=10&lingua=en)


Next, Moscato di Baselice from Santiquaranta. 100% moscato. It has a  deep golden yellow, slightly amber color. It tastes very sweet, and has a very long persistence. (http://www.santiquaranta.it/ita/moscato_passito.html)

One I'd like to try would be this Aglianico Passito from Santiquaranta . 90 % aglianico, 10% vernacciola.  Once again, I'll translate from their web site; It has an  intense ruby red color.  Aromas of  plum, dried fruit, jam, vanilla and spices; particular note of cigar.You can taste a  warm, sweet, great intensity and persistence. (http://www.santiquaranta.it/ita/aglianico_passito.html)

And we can't leave these guys out...a Fiano muffato  Privilegio  from Feudi di San Gregorio.  According to their technical card, this wine has a clear golden color, soft raisiny and floral scent with the flavors of candied citrus and white peach skin.  (http://www.feudi.it/eng/file/vini/f_eng_privilegio.aspx)  I am definitely going to have to try this one.


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