Thursday, June 2, 2011

Amazing Appetizers - Seared Tuna with Poppy Seeds, Panzarella, and Buffalo Straciatella by Chef Umberto De Martino, Ristorante Marina Grande

Here's a recipe for a dish that I enjoyed on the terrace overlooking the beach at Ristorante Marina Grande in Amalfi.  I asked chef Umberto De Martino for the recipe and here it is:

Seared tuna with poppy seeds, panzanella and buffalo stracciatella.

Ingredients for 4: 400 g tuna fillet, 60 grams of poppy seeds, 12 slices of bread , 1 tomato, 30 g black olives, 20 gr. of capers, 2 basil leaves, 50 g burrata, salt, pepper to taste, 50 cl extra virgin olive oil

Roll the tuna fillet in poppy seeds, in order to form a crust. Sear in a hot pan for about 1 minute on each side,then allow to cool. Meanwhile, cut the bread into cubes and toast in an 200° oven for 3 minutes. Cut the tomatoes in a bowl, add the olives, capers and basil, add the toasted bread and season with salt, pepper and oil. Spoon the panzanella (bread salad) onto the center of the dish, cut the tuna into slices and place on panzanella..Add a spoonful of buffalo stracciatella on the side. Complete the dish by drizzling a little extra virgin olive oil.

Ristorante Marine Grande
Viale della Regione, 4
84011 Amalfi (Sa)
089 871129

Italian Version

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