Saturday, June 4, 2011

What a Drink Experience ! -Città del Gusto Napoli

Barchef/Mixologist Sebastiano Pucella
We met one Thursday evening at Città del Gusto for a real drink experience. Sebastiano Pucella…barchef, mixologist with a creative mind and simpatico personality. We met there for one of Città del Gusto’s Thursday night Drink Experience cocktail nights. And it was here that I got a chance to watch Sebastiano prepare several cocktails step by step.

He started off with cocktails based on Negroni (gin, campari, and red vermouth). Unstructured Negroni-tini Evolving was the first. A velvety drink with cinnamon alcolato lightly sprayed on top. Next, Negroni with Orange Evanescent with a foamy topping. He made a Bevuta di Mela Annurca for me complete with fresh apple, mela, juice that he makes himself daily. Here, Sebastiano told me, is where the bar meets classic cooking. Lemon peel, cinnamon, and ginger were other fresh ingredients that he added to the mix.

There were a couple others he wanted me to see. Daiquiri Smokin Cammomila. Entertaining to watch Sebastiano light up and smoke tea in the decanter. And finally his Tobacco Connection, a revisited version of the classic cocktail French Connection from the 1940s.

A real drink experience because here,  I got the chance to get an understanding of what goes into to making a cocktail drink. And that evening I left Città del Gusto Napoli with a new appreciation for those ‘behind the bar’. Pucella didn’t have to toss glasses in the air or dance to music. He held my attention with his passion and his patience.

See you next Thursday….

Città del Gusto Napoli
Coroglio 104e
80124, Naples

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