Thursday, June 9, 2011

A' Pizza by the Sea- Bikini, Vico Equense (Na)

I wanted a pizza...and I knew just where to go. Bikini Complesso Turistico - Vico Equense (Na). I wanted to go for a pizza...A' Pizza...a first of its kind event hosted by Stefano Bonilli and Maurizio Cortese of the blog Papero Giallo. They  invited the best pizzaioli in Italy. All ready to share with a large crowd of pizza lovers their famous specialties.  Down by the sea. With breathtaking scenery. A light breeze. In the company of the music of Norah Jones and Bob Dylan.
I wanted a pizza. A pizza from a pizzaiolo like Enzo Coccia, who I am always happy to see. And a slice of his San Gennaro hit the spot. Anchovies, tomatoes, basil, garlic and olives. A slice that was flavorful, appetizing, and aromatic. The perfect kick for my tour through the stands, which were just heating up, so to speak, as the sun was setting. I saw Franco Pepe. We chatted for awhile as he made a pizza with scarole and olives. And what can I prepare for you? How about a pizza with prosciutto di maiale nero from Caserta? Ok! Gino Sorbillo and his team were pushing out pizzas with an amazing speed. A pizza with piennolo tomatoes and basil pesto…another with pasta from Gragnano and grated cheese…another with cannelloni beans. Ernesto Fico, my ‘maestro’ during the world pizzaiolo championships offered me his famous pizza fritta. Pizzas and paninis from Salvatore Salvo, Marzia Buzzanca, Giancarlo Casa, Gabriele Bonci, and Pierluigi Roscioli were hard to resist as well. Pizza by the meter? Of course! Luigi Dell’Amura’s with fresh tomatoes. Fresh from the oven. The wood burning ovens and copper fryers spread throughout the boardwalk of Bikini.

The apperitivo chosen for the evening? A cocktail mixed by Enzo D'Alessandro using his Nucillo and chinotto. A nice match for any of the other offerings available such as a bruschetta with eggplant and tomatoes provided by Osteria E' Curti, the classic prosciutto made with male nero casertano from Luciano Di Meo, and Le Campestre's Conciato Romano cheese to name just a few.

Beer or wine? Or both? Paulaner and Terre del Principe's Roseto del Vulture.

Dessert? I had some basil and tomato ice cream from Carapina.

Una festa sulla spiaggia...A beach party. One with the classic formula; good friends, good pizza, and good fun.

Italian Version

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