Monday, July 11, 2011

E' Arrivata l'Estate- A Cooking Lesson with Chef Paolo Barrale

Chef Paolo Barrale
Numerous times over the past year I have stood in Marenna's dining room.  Marenna', Feudi dei San Gregorio's Michelin star restaurant, headed by Chef Paolo Barrale.  I have stood by the window next to the kitchen.  A large window placed there so that diners like me can observe Barrale's team in action.  Observe how his kitchen staff puts together those dishes that later come to meet us at our table.  And numerous times I have desired to be on the other side of the glass...with Chef Barrale...for a more intimate, up close and personal look.

My chance came on the 6th of July.  A cooking class held by Barrale, the third in a series of get togethers held in  Marenna's second kitchen located behind the private dining room.  It was here where I, and another 29 or so, students spent nearly four hours learning cool recipes for a hot summer.  E' arrivata l'estate-summer has arrived!

The chef took us step by step as he demonstrated the cooking techniques, cooking tips, and plating of an appetizer, first course, second and dessert.  Each dish was served with a different wine from Feudi dei San Gregorio.Here's a quick rundown, recipes to follow over the next couple of weeks.

La mia 'pizzaiola'-an appetizer with a carpaccio of Scottona (fillet of beef) with a smoked eggplant stuffing, tomato sauce, and a mozzarella 'cloud'.  This was served with Serrocielo 2010 Sannio Falanghina DOC

Ziti spezzati, ragu' di cozze, ricotta e friggitelli-broken ziti, stuffed with ricotta topped with a tomato and mussel sauce, on top of a cream of green peppers.  Pietracalda 2010 Fiano di Avellino DOCG was the wine for this dish.

Porchetta di coniglio, patate alla salvia e ciliegie all'Aglianico-rolled rabbit with a Aglianico wine and chery sauce.  On the side, a potato and salvia chip.  Vino? Cutizzi 2009 Greco di Tufo DOCG

Cioccolato bianco, lime, finocchio e mela verde-a granita made with fennel and green apple on top of a white chocolate mousse.  Here we had DUBL Aglianico-Spumante Metedo Classico.

E' Arrivata l'Estate. Summer had arrived.  An informative and entertaining evening.  An evening with Chef Barrale.

On his side of the glass.

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83050 Sorbo Serpico (Av)
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