Saturday, July 9, 2011

Saturday in Pizzeria-Salvo-Pizzaioli da 3 Generazioni-San Giorgio a Cremano (Na)

A pizza for lunch.  Nothing unusual for those of us in Naples.  A pizza at your neighborhood pizzeria.  This particular Saturday, I chose a neighborhood in San Giorgio a Cremano.  I chose Salvo-Pizzaioli da 3 Generazioni.The Salvo family has been the neighborhood pizzeria in various addresses for three generations. They have called Largo Arso 10/16 home for 5 years.  

A neighborhood pizzeria, where I chose to sit outside, on a little terrace above the sidewalk with a view of the neighborhood park, with a light breeze on my face.  A neighborhood pizzeria where I could enjoy a crocchè di patate and fried pasta appetizers paired with a cold beer and sounds of the street;  light traffic, children laughing…the neighborhood.  Where I could look at photos of the earlier generations on the wall.  Look, listen and learn how life used to be in the Salvo neighborhood.

A pizzeria where I could chat with pizzaiolo Salvatore, a young pizza maker I had met a few weeks earlier on the beach at Vico Equense.  A chat with Salvatore Salvo, one of the three brothers of the current generation.  A chat about dough making, his favorite pizzas, and his love for what he does.    Salvo’s menu has all of the classics; margherita, marinara, olio e pomodoro to name a few.  There was even his famous ripieno fritta, a fried calzone, which has clients waiting at least an hour for a table on any given Saturday night.  At least an hour for a seat at a pizzeria that can hold up to 84 pizza lovers, be it inside or outside.

I chose a pizza with provola and fresh tomato slices.  A pizza that was as delicious to look at as it was to eat. It was hard not to not to notice other pizzas that passed me by on their way to other tables. One with rucola, another salsiccia e friarielli.  A romana, 4 stagione, a capricciosa.  Other couples, families, and friends, who like me, wanted a pizza.  A pizza from the neighborhood.  A small neighborhood in San Giorgio a Cremano.  

Largo Arso 10/16
San Giorgio A Cremano (Na)
081 275306

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