Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Traditions of Collio-Enoteca La Botte, Casagiove (Ce)

I was back in Caserta the other ovening. Back to Enoteca La Botte. In the front row for an interesting wine tasting held in their sala di degustazione found in the rear of the enoteca. Marco Ricciardi, delegate of Ais Caserta introduced a full house of wine enthusiasts like myself to Attems, a winery that has been around for generations. A cantina located in Collio, in the most eastern part of the Fruili-Venezia Guilia region. From the front row, I was in the perfect position to discover a territory-la Ponca as its known. It was the perfect position to hear from the winery’s representative, Michele Drusian, as he presented their 5 white wines, 2010 vintage. Five whites produced in a territory that is close to the Adriatic, about 130 m above sea level, and temperature fluctuations that are ideal for whites. I could almost imagine that particular lighting present during August and September in the vineyards. The reflection of the sun bouncing of the sea and hitting the vineyards. Vineyards housed in soil that Is calcium rich, with layers of marls, sandstone and a high ph. Perfect for the 5 whites that were about to be served.

We tried and discussed the latest vintages of Attems’s Ribolla Gialla, Fruliano, Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, and Sauvignon Blanc. The wines were paired with a plate of appetizers including wild Alaskan shrimp, salmon with an oranges and cherries, a salmon crostino on top of burro di normandia, breadsticks with pancetta di Mangalica, and speck DOC with ricotta cheese and cherries.

The perfect tasting for a hot summer evening. An evening in which Enoteca La Botte took us away from Campania, for a little while, and brought us north to Collio.

Conti Attems Soc Agr S.r.l.
Via Aquileia, 30
CAP 34070, Capriva del Friuli (GO)

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