Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Graduation Day-Dolce & Salato-Maddaloni (Ce)

There was something more spectacular than the menu. Though I must admit it was pretty spectacular. More energetic than the colors of the endless quantity of dishes on the buffet table. Though I must admit they were very vivacious.

Hotter than the heat last Monday at Dolce &; Salato Scuola di Cucina & Pasticcieria. Though I must admit, things had heated up quite nicely.

Things had heated up for a special event. Graduation day. Six students from the cooking school’s Masters Professional program. Six students…aspiring professionals who had spent the last three months in Maddaloni…studying…preparing…sacrificing. All for this moment. A moment to share with family and friends. Their day. Their graduation day.

Their last day at Dolce & Salato, but their first day as professionals…Professionals who were about to embark on a journey….jump into their dream.

So I observed closely as Chef Giuseppe Daddio and Chef Aniello Di Caprio, owners of the school, talked about these students. Who knows, maybe thinking about heir own personal graduation days.  I listened to guest speakers like Chef Antonello Colonna and journalist Luciano Pignataro give words of encouragement, guidance from their years of experience.

I watched parents, brothers, sisters, and friends watch with pride as each budding new chef spoke about their experience at Dolce & Salato…their journey.

So what was so spectacular? So energetic and vivacious? So hot on that Monday afternoon?

The smiles on the faces of Maria Elia, Alessandro Di Giovannantonio, Davide Tamburrino, Maria Incoronata Tonziello, Alfonso Marino, and Carlo De Lillo. Their excitement. Their enthusiasm. Their zeal and drive Their realization of a dream, un sogno. Their desire to begin their future now.

I had been asked to take a few pictures. To see the school up close, in action. And that I did. But is was nearly impossible not to get caught up in the electricity that was in the air. The joy, relief, exhilaration of everyone in the room.
The spirit of Graduation Day. A spirit that I felt priveleged to be a part of, if just for a few hours...

Good luck, ragazzi!

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