Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Pizza with Ciro...

Ciro Salvo
Ci vediamo in pizzeria?...Ciro Salvo's last words to me after we spent the afternoon together last July.  An ice cream, a walk around the port, and a visit to an organic garden.  But pizza?  Not that day.  It was Ciro's day off. So, I'd have to go visit him at Masse' in Torre Annunziata about 20 minutes outside of Naples. There I would be able to observe Ciro at work where he feels most comfortable.  So a couple of weeks after his trip to Tokyo to teach Japanese pizza makers the art of Neapolitan pizza, I braved the Torre Annunziata Friday night traffic to have a seat next to Ciro and his brand new pizza oven.

A glance at the pizza menu and I instantly saw how Salvo's desire and continuous search for the best products have made their way to this little corner of Torre Annunziata.  Peocrino cheese DOP, conciato romano cheese from Le Campestre extra virgin olive oils from the Cilento region, a variety of tomatoes such as San Marzano, Piennolo from Vesuvius and tomatoes from Gragnano.

I must of changed my mind 3 or 4 times before I finally decided upon a pizza al bianco (without tomatoes) with porcini mushrooms and sausage.  My son, David, knew instantly what he wanted ...Salvo's famous marinara.

While waiting for our pizzas, I took the opportunity to chat with Ciro while he worked.  We talked about his time in Tokyo, his upcoming trip to Torino for the event of the year ; Salone Internazionale del Gusto in Turin, Italy where he would lead a seminar on Neapolitan pizza, and an upcoming 3 week course in Rome at Gambero Rosso's Cooking School.  A busy schedule for anyone, especially one who was about to become a father for the first time (his daughter is due any minute ;-) ).

Ciro was in charge and I enjoyed watching the rythym he had established between extendingd the pasta dough, adding the toppings, and then passing it over to Gennaro Salvo who was ready to place it into the oven. His mia Ferrari...he said with a smile. An oven designed and constructed by Forno Napoletano.  60 seconds more or less was all that was needed to transform a pizza dough topped with products hand picked by Salvo into an amazing Friday night dinner.

The moment arrived.  Our pizzas were ready.  A simple marinara with tomatoes from Gragnano...garlic, evo from Cilento DOP, and oregano...

A pizza with fior di latte from Agerola,  porcini mushrooms, and sausage from Agerola...

Top quality products paired with Salvo's famous pizza dough.  His latest version is left to rise for around 20 hours.  A mix of flour ("O"), water, salt, and yeast...and that special Salvo touch backed by years of experience adds up to the softest pizza crust I have ever eaten....

Like slicing into a cloud...

Ci vediamo in pizzeria?  Yes, Ciro...Again...and again...and again...and again....

Corso Vittorio Emanuel,429
Torre Annunziata (Na)
081 536 3382

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  1. Congratulations to Ciro and his wife..and benvenuta nel mondo little Ludovica!