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Sunday at Rizzuti's - Frank Rizzuti Cucina del Sud, Potenza (Pz)

Via Potito Petrone 42 – Largo Pasquale Uva...85100, Potenza (PZ).  
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No matter where I plugged that address in, it gave me the same news: Driving time, two hours, more or less. Those two hours would take me out of the Campania region,  into Basilicata and straight to Potenza.  Two hours for a not so typical lunch at  Chef Frank Rizzuti's Cucina del Sud.  A trip that I was more than happy to make since neo Michelin Star Rizzuti opened up his new place back in March.  A trip that would continue my Lucano cooking education which started over a year ago courtesy of the chef.  And give me a taste of Southern cooking - Basilicata style.

Chef Frank Rizzuti
I was greeted with a smile by Rizzuti and he showed me around his new place.  An elegant black and white interior with splashes of bright welcoming  colors here and there.   A little hint on what my lunch would be like...elegant delicate flavors with vibrant colors.I opened the menu and read the following phrase...
An invitation, that when translated is an invitation to come in, be comfortable...feel at home.  An invitation that I was ready to accept when the chef sent out his of his signature dishes...a classic from Basilicata; Acquasale.

Acquasale: Egg, turnip greens, and Senise peppers  
Or his Sottobosco lucano, undergrowth ...a delicious dish of flavors from the forest, flavors from the earth.  Tartufi, mushrooms, potatoes, carrots, and asparagus. All surrounding a slow cooked quail egg.

Sottobosco Lucano
One more antipasto assaggio...Rizzuti sent me a lamb hamburger with ketchup he had made from Senise peppers.  A pepper that finds its way to many of his dishes.  On the side, an gnummariedd (lamb interiors) ice cream.  

My first courses were ready.  I tried four different specialties beginning with the light delicate flavors of fresh ravioli with crema di bufula in a beef broth.

Then a plate of fusilli with turnip greens (now in full season) and anchovies.  Rizzuti lightly sprinkled a bit of powdered Senise peppers on top.  

With each plate, I noticed an increase in the intensity of flavors.  Like my third pasta dish; roasted lamb tortelli and caciocavallo podolico cheese grated on top.

And perhaps my favorite of the day; semolina cavatelli with Porto Santo Spirito prawns, beans from Sarconi,  and foie gras. 

Sticking with the delicate flavorful theme, Rizzuti chose one second course.  Something that I had never tried before.  A tender plate of roasted pigeon with a side of turnip greens, a carrot, and olives from Ferrandina.

Dessert?  Of course.  Beginning with a predessert of crema di latte, tomatoes and vanilla...

then continuing with...


variation of chocolate

lemon assoluto

millefoglie with ice cream

piccoli pastries

An intense aternoon, full of flavors from the south.  Some light...others intense.  All balanced.  All representing the South...Sud...Frank Rizzuti's Cucina del Sud.

And all worth the 2 hour drive on a Sunday afternoon.

Via Potito Petrone 42 – Largo Pasquale Uva
85100, Potenza (PZ).  
 0971 45506 / 320 6665608

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