Saturday, October 5, 2013

Mare Non Stop - Goodbye Estate - Ristorante Il Bikini, Vico Equense (Na)

I don't have a lot of traditions.
I strongly believe it is never to late to start a new one.
So as the end of September approached, I made sure that I had one end of summer appointment penciled in on my calendar.  Lunch at Ristorante Il Bikini in Vico.  I wanted my summer to end as it had last year.  At table overlooking the beach, an excellent bottle of wine, and a meal prepared by Chef Domenico De Simone and his staff.
There was quite a bit of wind that afternoon, but I was fine on my side of the the right...where the sun hit just perfectly.  My menu choice?  The Mimmo fai tu...  dishes hand picked by the chef himself.  My only request was mare, mare, mare and the vino giusto  - a young, fresh Vigna Cicogna Greco di Tufo 2012 by Azienda Agricola Benito Ferrara.  
So we began with a wonderful colorful melody of flavors :
red mullet with tomato gelle and basil
tuna with star anise, yellow peaches and Tropea red onions

Two assaggi of pasta  continued my end of summer salute...
mezzi occhi di lupo di Gragnano pasta with a tomato and sconcigli del golfo sauce

linguine with tartufi, clams and mullet bottarga
Second course was a pleasant surprise...

 bianco di pesce :-  shrimp, swordfish, and pumpkin stuffed squid
The pleasant surprise was the sweet pumpkin stuffing.  Just for you, smiled Il Bikini's owner Giorgio Scarselli.  Usually the chef uses potatoes.  

Pumpkin...a clear sign that the seasons were changing over.  But not just yet.  De Simone's pre-dessert followed by a parade of dolci served with a smile help me hang on to summer just a little while longer.

prickly pear sorbet and crumbled crispy dark chocolate
A sweet sorbet produced with the same prickly pears which grow on the grounds of Il Bikini..  Fichi d'India which thrive under the sun by day, and relax in the amazing summer sunsets as night approaches.
mini caprese cake

il baba'
So, traditions.  I don't have many.  But this new one. My goodbye estate, ciao summer lunch at the end of   Il Bikini restaurant's season would not be complete without a cup of caffe'.  A caffe' and a chat with Scarselli before I made my way up the familiar stairway, scattered with plants (prickly pears) and a spectacular view of the beach with Mt Vesuvius and Naples in the distance.
Il Bikini's last lunch of the season is October 6, 2013.  
Ci vediamo next spring...

Strada Statale 145 Sorrentina Km 13,900
80069 Vico Equense (Na)
081 1984 0029

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