Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Serendipity - Apianum Fiano di Avellino DOCG 2011- Az. Salvatore Molettiere

Wikipedia: Serendipity means  a "happy accident" or "pleasant surprise"; specifically, the accident of finding something good or useful without looking for it. 

The wine list at Relais Blu is flowing with Campania whites, particularly Fiano di Avellino.  So I was just a little surprised when sommelier Alessandro Scrivo brought over a bottle of Fiano produced by a winery that I know very well...for their reds.  Azienda Salavatore Molettiere.
The name Molettiere alone instantly brings back memories to a visit to I made a few years ago to their vineyard Cinque Querce in the hills of Montemarano.  The blog has proudly been displaying a glass of Taurasi with a view of their vineyard in the background since I started back in 2010.
Over the years I've tasted the winery's reds dozens of times.  But their Fiano?  New to me.
So there was a little curious anticipation as Scrivo poured me a glass.
A glass of Fiano from Lapio in Avellino.  A territory known as Fiano's homeland.  A territory that produces some amazing white wines.  But what about this one I thought.  Can a producer who has been a red wine staple in my mind for the last several years have something interesting to share in this glass of deep straw yellow?
Of course it could...
It's intense aromas of minerals and florals paired perfectly with the slight breeze that passed over the terrace piu bello del mondo.  A taste or two before my appetizers offered a fresh acidity which was a perfect partner for Chef Roberto Alloca's stuffed calamari squid.
A pleasant relaxing finish.
Fitting for that afternoon.

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