Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Pizza Non Stop - Bonci + Pepe - Pizza Marathon - Pepe in Grani, Caiazzo (Ce)

Franco Pepe, Gabriele Bonci, Stefano Pepe

When I first heard the news that pizza makers Franco Pepe and Gabriele Bonci would be getting together at one of my favorite stomping grounds, Pepe in Grani  in Caiazzo (Ce), I couldn't help but take notice. But when I heard that this little get together would actually be a pizza marathon, I knew I was in.
I've never been in a marathon :-)  but this one looked like the one for me.  It was held on Sunday, October 13th  From noon to midnight.  Twelves hours ish of pizza non  stop.  A pizza improv...a pizza jam...whatever you wanted to call it, it was definitely a hot ticket.  A ticket which included twelve slices of pizza, a wide selection of cheeses, wine, beer and water.
A seat on Pepe's terrace next to the live jazz band.  A seat that wasn't too far from the kitchen so that you could see when the pizzas arrived at the buffet table.
Twelve didn't sound like much, but this was my first marathon...
Pepe, Bonci and their teams were on fire, so to speak...

Pizza with garlic, chili peppers, olive oil and anchovies from Cetara

Pizza with sweet onions from Alife, scamorza and fior di latte cheese, and prosciutto crudo from Caserta

Pizza with potatoes, onions from Alife, and salami from Caserta

Pizza with pumpkin squash, artichokes, and salami from Caserta

Pizza with sweet yellow tomatoes and anchovies from Cetara

Pizza with marinated pumpkin squash and ricotta

Pizza with wild herbs, ricotta, and salami

I began at about 1245....I hit my wall at about 1500.

 Next year I'll have to train a little harder!

Compliments to a grande donna, journalist, photographer, and friend Elisia Menduni who put this craziness together!

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