Sunday, April 26, 2015

Amazing Appetizers - Red Mullet with Asparagus and Creamy Ricotta Cheese, Il Bikini (Na)

 "I didn't eat a lot of fish as a kid," I shared with Giorgio Scarselli. " Unless you count fish sticks," I smiled.  That statement was more like a confession given to Scarselli, whose family owns the popular beach complex Il Bikini in Vico Equense, a short drive from Sorrento (Na).
I smiled as I reflected on an appetizer that I had just finished.  An appetizer with fresh simple ingredients prepared by Chef Domenico De Simone.  Sauteed red mullet with a sprinkle of sea salt to accompany, not cover.

Red mullet sharing the show with seasonal locally grown asparagus and creamy ricotta cheese.

That's all it needed.
That's all I needed.

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