Thursday, April 30, 2015

Snapshot of the Day - Late Lunch 50 Kalo' (Na)

It has become one of my traditions.  A couple of times a month, when my schedule allows, I have a late lunch at 50 Kalo' in Naples. I arrive around 3:15 pm, when I'm able to find 'my parking spot', when the lunch crowd has died down but the oven is still hot.  The oven is hot and Ciro Salvo and his staff is far from done for the day.  This, for me, is the perfect time to wind down from a busy work week that is almost over, and prepare for the weekend. Usually I order my favs, my standbys - like a white calzone or a margherita with nduja di spilinga.  But  today?  Today was different. As I stared at the menu, Salvo pointed to an item and said, " Perche' non provi questa?"  Why don't you try this one?
I said yes subito, right away trusting Salvo who knows my tastes, my preferences.
It arrived - the 50 Kalo' with a twist.  A margherita pizzza with escarole, dozens of sliced cherry tomatoes, tons of tiny pitted black olives, and an endless amount of soft savory capers.
A new tradition?  We'll see next Thursday!

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