Friday, June 26, 2015

Serendipity - Apertif in Vigna with Cantine Astroni and Friends

Wikipedia: Serendipity means  a "happy accident" or "pleasant surprise"; specifically, the accident of finding something good or useful without looking for it. 

It had been a long day.  To be honest, the last couple of weeks have been pretty busy. Wednesday, for example, I  delivered a graduation speech in shoes with heels that were probably too high and I was ready too go home and crash.  But I had one more appointment.  A quick drive by appointment with winemaker Gerardo Vernazzaro of Cantine Astroni (Na).  I sent a message to Vernazzaro saying I'd swing by the winery around 5...he suggested I stop by around 6.  

Some friends are stopping by, dai...we'll visit the vineyards and have a quick aperitif on the Astroni crater wall.  
It had been awhile since I'd visited a vineyard.  Probably too long.  So, sure...why not.

A white knuckle ride with Vernazzaro at the wheel who lead us through a busy metropolitan Neapolitan city to two breathtaking vineyards - which I'll write about in detail soon- then back home to the winery's headquarters in Agnano (Na).  

Winemaker Gerardo Vernazzaro
There we set up camp with a dozen or so friends including amico Claudio Tenuta.  Claudio, sommelier and man with a grande passion for good food was in charge of the snacks.  As Vernazzaro prepared the wine, opening up a young fresh Colle Imperatrice Falanghina Dei Campi Flegrei DOP 2014, Tenuta prepared his first appetizer of the evening.  

A thick slice of crusty bread topped with fresh ricotta cheese. He placed  chopped arugula salad and a slice of fresh yellow bell pepper.  Right before handing it to me, Tenuta sprinkled a bit of pepper on top.

A cool breeze, light conversation, a glass of Colle Imperatrice and a bruschetta was just what the doctor ordered...

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