Saturday, June 6, 2015

Siren's Land Cocktail - Capri Bar, Hotel Capo La Gala, Vico Equense (Na)

I've mentioned on several occasions that the small slice of heaven on the Sorrento Peninsula called Vico Equense has some of the best sunsets in Campania.  So what better place to have an aperitif  on the rocks right before dinner than Capri Bar at Hotel Capo La Gala?

And that it exactly what I decided to do one weekday evening around 7:30 pm ish.  I found the perfect spot, a comfortable white easy chair next to the pool with a perfect view of the sea.  As I was getting settled, I was greeted with a smile by bar man Michele Savarese.  After skimming the menu, rich in cocktails, alcoholic and non, I decided to go with Savarese's specialty.  His signature drink - Siren's Land Cocktail - a drink he made exclusively for Capri Bar  and part of the Food & Drink Experience which includes appetizers rich in regional products.

Hard not to appreciate the colors that blend in perfectly with the panorama of the coast.  Colors that are reminiscent of the Sorrento sky at dusk...right before sunset.  After a sip or two, I was immediately hooked - like the sailors in Greek and Roman mythology lured by these mystical creatures.  Captivated enough, that afterwards I left my comfortable easy chair and followed Savarese back to the bar for a glance of a barman at work.

The bar is small, smiled Savarese, but it has everything I need.

True!  Fresh herbs, fragrant fruits, and an international selection of gins were just some of the products he proudly showed me as he began to prepare another Siren's Land.  He took me through the steps - passo per passo.  His special blend of ingredients -which I've been sworn to secrecy to protect.  Savarese  topped the drink off with a small slice of lemon peel in the shape of a dolphin and sent it out on its way to another customer.  To another unsuspecting sailor, who like me, would also be captivated and entranced as I was.

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