Wednesday, April 6, 2016

1, 2 Fantastic Firsts - Osteria Arbustico, Valva (Sa)

I was looking over the menu - the primi piatti section in particular - when Chef Cristian Torsiello came over to my table.  He wanted to make sure I didn't have any allergies, intolerances, preferences, etc etc.  I ensured the young Michelin star chef that I was ok with everything but needed a little help in deciding which pasta dish(es) I would like to try.
Osteria Arbustico, Valva in the Salerno province.  An interesting selection of classics and new dishes for the spring. This part of Campania is known for its pasta fresca, fresh homemade pastas, Torsiello shared. let's try the ravioli!

Raviolin stuffed with caramelized onion in a broth made of burnt potato skins and an infusion of porcini mushrooms.

I noticed that the menu had a selection of dried pastas - and since I am a big fan of pasta lunga, particularly spaghetti, I mentioned that to the chef as well.So right after my raviolini...

 Torsiello sent out an amazing healthy portion of  spaghetti with roasted artichokes and tuna bottarga.

Primavera, Karen...Spring, said Torsiello.

Fantastic, Chef.  Grazie mille!

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