Friday, April 22, 2016

Pigeon in “ Terre di Siena” Crust -Chef Vincenzo Guarino, Il Pievano Ristorante (Si)

Gaiole in Chianti in the heart the Siena province is about 459 km from my driveway.  And that's a long way to go for lunch.  But I packed my bag and put it in my car along ith my camera, computer and teenage son and headed the five hour or so drive from seaside of Campania to the hills of Tuscany.  

My destination?  Castello di Spaltenna - a 5 star luxury resort, home of Il Pievano Ristorante where Campanian born and raised  Vincenzo Guarino has been serving as Executive Chef since the beginning of March.  Campanian chef-there's the connection.  
I've known the chef for several years and as more than curious to see what he was up to and try some of his new dishes...and I needed a weekend to do so... or at least 36 hours.

Chef Vincenzo Guarino
So after a little catching up, a quick tour of the facilities and an awesome chat about his plans (details soon), I decided to take a break until dinner...

A dinner which featured Guarino's , Pigeon in “ Terre di Siena” Crust.  As if the chef was saying 'Karen, here's Siena through my eyes'.  

The dish included a perfectly pink pigeon with a flavorful coating.  A variation of colorful orange and violet carrots, shallots fermented in Chianti wine (of course) ,and a Vin Santo sauce drizzled on top.

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